Thursday, May 30, 2013

Model City Polish - Holobration (&Giveaway)

Hello Family.

I am excited to share with you that today MAY 30, is Model City Polish [1 Year] Anniversary!!!!  365 days ago today, Nina (founder of MCP) opened up shop on Etsy to share her love for polish with others by creating her own polish and sharing them for all of us to love!

I have reviewed a couple of polishes for MCP in the past, but it had been a while since I had gotten to do any reviews/blog posts due to an illness in my family.  When Nina contacted me asking me if I would be willing to participate in her 1 Year Anniversary Celebration, I was super excited.  It had been a while since I had gotten my hands on some MCP and I couldn't pass up this fun filled opportunity!

Holobration is a VERY limited edition (numbered) polish, especially created for MCP's 1 Year Anniversary!  Holobration is a clear base polish consisting of LARGE holo blue circles, small pink squares, medium purple squares, orange hex, mini holo bars and fine iridescence glitters.  Honestly... I am not a fan of any polish with bar glitters.  On top of that I couldn't figure out which color to use as my base color... BUT this polish was made for a specific reason.  It had to be special... So after swatching with multiple different colors on a nail wheel... I finally decided this should be layered over something fun and poppy... after all, it is summer right?  For my base color I used, Finger Paints - Art You Kidding Me? and for my ring finger I used Ruby Wing - Sand Dune...

Holobration is basically a crazy glitter packed topper.  I would definitely recommend layering it over a color or my guess is it would require 5+ layers to get it looking solid.  Anyways... the consistency of this polish was pretty good.  A good shaking of the bottle and when you take out your first dip, there's definitely a ton of glitter on the brush, wipe some off to prevent from dripping and its actually pretty special.  As much as I dislike bar glitters... I am still wearing this mani and plan on wearing it until it falls off!!!!!!! Hahah, its amazing.  The only thing is I like to be specific with LARGE glitter placement so the circle glitters required me to specifically place them where they needed to be :)

Once again, Nina has taken me by surprise.  Well not really, shes really amazing... so its expected of her!  Having been a customer of Nina's since September of 2012, I can honestly say that Model City Polish not only has some amazing polishes to offer, Nina also has exceptional customer service.  Had an issue?  Questions or concerns?  No problem, MCP is always prompt to respond to questions/concerns which is really why I keep coming back (besides the tasteful creations she has to offer)! 

Nina wanted me to share this special Model City Polish day with you by having a giveaway for one of these very limited edition (numbered) polishes!  This is your chance, simply follow the rules and all will go smoothly! Good luck to all :) 

Rules of Giveaway:
+ Must be 18+ to participate
+ No cheating/scamming, all entries will be verified
+ Giveaway open to US residents only, sorry!

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