Friday, October 12, 2012

Nail-Aween Challenge: Day 3 - Blood Nails & "Happy Home"

Hello & Welcome to all of my new followers :)  I noticed my followers went up a little in the past week.  Awesome :)  Don't be shy... say hi! <3 
I started off with my Growth Spurt (Base Coat), I applied 2 coats of Picture Polish - Tiffany, except my ring finger... which I applied Sinful Colors - Snow Me White.  I used Tiffany for this mani because I needed a very light creme blue/green to use as my base color, then I could proceed with the designs.
I am sorry, I was super excited about the last step of this design that I totally forgot to take photos after I painted on the flowers :(  So sorry... 

I had been thinking about this design for a while now... And I am so happy that it turned out exactly how I had pictured it in my mind.  I was thinking of the times when I had watched any crime scene investigation shows and there would be blood splatter all over the walls of the "happy home".  I decided to go with this vintage wallpaper design and blood...
I almost cleaned up all of the splatter on my fingers, but I thought it looked WAY cooler this way.

Mani Details: CDG - Growth Spurt, Picture Polish - Tiffany (2 coats), Sinful Colors - Snow Me White (Ring Finger - 2 coats), Vintage Flower Designs >> OPI - Cha-Ching Cherry, OldNavy- Preppy Pink, China Glaze - Holly-Day, Blood >> Nail Polish Thinner & Travel Size little squirt bottle (both from Sally's), Butter London - Pillar Box Red, Sinful Colors - Rich In Heart & Under 18.

For this mani & post, I want to give credit where credit is due... to my inspiration.  Gini @ SassyPaints2012 created this mani and I just fell IN LOVE with it.  I kept thinking, OMG brilliant!! Why didn't I think of that before!?!  Without her blog, post and AMAZING nails I wouldn't have been able to come up with a mani this freakin' awesome!!!  So thank you Gini <3!  You guys can follow her blog >here< and see her specific mani I am referring to >here<

Thank you


  1. Yay!! It turned out so cute I love them I love the wallpaper in the background and I concur, Gini is pretty fantastic!!

    1. Awww! You two are too fu...wait I wont go friggin sweet! LOL I love the way it turned out and how you made it a wallpaper looking mani!

  2. It really look great with the splatters !! nice idée for the bloody nails !! The roses are great to, really vintage look !! I LOVE it !!

  3. :( poor pretty flowers
    You did a great job with the splatter. I have yet to master that