Monday, October 1, 2012

Nail-Aween Nail Art Challenge by datyorkLOVES!

So I decided, I will be joining a Nail Art Challenge for this Halloween month. There are 10 challenges that must be completed by October 31st. I really like the fact that this one is pretty much set at your own pace... as long as you get all 10 done, no worries! :) With that being said, my [Day 1] of this challenge will be today... I'll be posting it later tonight or tomorrow :)

If you want to join this challenge, Dahlia will be accepting participants until October 10th. It gives you still plently of time to complete the challenge and join in on the fun with the rest of us #naildivas ;)

Check out the [facebook] event page or shoot her an email at: to join (*by Oct. 10*)!!

Check out all of the NailAween Nail Art Artists!


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