Thursday, September 27, 2012

Serum No. 5 - Fallen

Serum No. 5... What can I say?  Reading blogs day in and day out, there were some great reviews on Serum No. 5.  AND I kept thinking to myself, I need that in my life.  Last week, Serum No. 5 by Victoria Dao, was finally going to be restocked at the Etsy shop!  I had checked the shop a few times, but couldn't quite decide on which ones I wanted to pick up.  I waited for her restock and that's when I finally picked up all the ones that I had been eye-ing.
Fallen is reddish/copper shimmery base.  It is such a beautiful color, hard for me to describe... This  base is filled with hex glitters in various sizes.  The glitter colors Victoria chose for this particular suspension was dead on.  The glitters in it are gold, orange, red... which also remind me so much of leaves on trees in the fall.
Having purchased Serum No. 5 was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  I love all of the mixes that Victoria creates!  I have swatched all of the polishes that I got from her Etsy shop on a nail wheel and they're just perfect.

I went ahead and used China Glaze, Desert Sun as a base for this.  Even though its from the Safari Collection,  it is the perfect color this time of season.  Once I applied it to my nails, it reminded me so much of the caramel on caramel apples <3

Fallen, by Serum No. 5 was very easy to work with.  The suspension was the perfect consistency.  On this particular mani, I only used 1 coat.  It is very possible to use this color on its own, but I would recommend using 3 coats for it to be opaque.  Dry time is also reasonable, I waited about 2 minutes and before apply a top coat, it was completely dry.

Now go and check out her polish line that is available on her [etsy] shop... And I will just let these photos do the rest of the talking.  :)
Mani Details: Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-in-1, China Glaze - Desert Sun (2 coats), Serum No. 5 - Fallen (1 coat), Jessica Super Brilliance Top Goat
*This product was purchased by me


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