Friday, December 14, 2012

Free Press - Power Plum & Mega Lime

Happy Friday everyone!!  So last month I was at Nordstrom Rack and I found a set "Free Press" mini nail polishes at a pretty good price.  I never heard of this brand, but decided to give them a try.  

This is Power Plum a creme plum/mauve... 
*All photos of FP polish photos show 2 coats*
Free Press - Power Plum
& Mega Lime is a bright creme yellow/green...
Free Press - Mega Lime

Honestly, I am surprised this brand doesn't have more polishes out (I did a google search with no luck).  The consistency was very smooth, almost opaque with 1 coat, but 2 coats needed for complete solid coverage. Dry time was fairly quick, about 50-60 seconds.  My assumption in the store was that quality of this brand would be very thin and runny OR very thick and streaky.  I am really glad I took a chance on this product and gave it a shot, it is really a great polish.  Sunday I will have an additional 2 colors to share with you, there is a total of 8 colors in this set.

You may be able to find Free Press Polish at a local Nordstrom Rack.

*This product was purchased by me